Major Areas for Collaborations

Research activities of SG-SPIN academic members cover a wide spectrum of spintronics physics, materials, devices, and process technologies. Collaborations with industry are strongly sought in the following areas:

Area Sub-Areas / Topics
Non-Volatile Memory - Architecture and design / modelling
- New materials / devices
- Manufacturing processes
- Packaging and testing
- Circuit technology
- Reliability
- Development of applications (computer, mobile device, biomedical, automotive, home-electronics, aeronautics, space, robotics, etc.)
Magnetic Sensor - Device design and sensing circuits
- Manufacturing processes
- Development of applications (magnetic head, speed, rotation, position, current, power, biomedical, wearable electronics, internet of things, sensor network, etc.)
Switching / Rectification / Energy Harvesting - MEMS/NEMS devices
- Microwave power rectifier
- Energy harvesting devices
- Near-field communication devices
Oscillator - Nano-oscillator
Thermal Devices - Spin caloritronics
- Magnetocaloric energy conversion
Microwave / Optical Devices - Microwave filter Magneto-optic devices
- Spin-photonic devices