Join Us

We invite interested individuals, research groups, and companies to become members of SG-SPIN.

Benefits and Obligations for Industrial Partners:

Information sharing and knowledge transfer: All industrial partners and affiliates are invited to our Annual Review Meeting, workshops and seminars. These meetings provide valuable opportunities for industrial scientists/engineers to directly interact with SSC faculty and explore potential research collaborations on projects of mutual interest. They also serve as avenues of industry’s outreach to graduate students and research engineers/fellows studying/working under SG-SPIN.

Facility sharing: SG-SPIN industrial partners are provided the opportunity to obtain access (on chargeable basis and subject to mutual agreement with end users) to selected fabrication and characterization facilities available in both NUS and NTU.

Funding opportunities: SG-SPIN industrial partners are eligible for applying funding that promotes partnership between industry and institutes of higher learning in the field of spintronics.

Benefits and Obligations for Academic Members:

  1. The Member shall have the right to propose and participate in all Consortium related activities including SG-SPIN sponsored collaborative projects with industry or among the academic members, workshops, annual review meetings, etc.
  2. The Member shall have full web-protected online access to technical documents developed or owned by the Consortium.
  3. Researchers and students in the Member’s group have the right to organize and participate in research seminars supported by the Consortium.
  4. The Member and his group shall have the right to access shared facility/equipment for projects related to spintronics and any other resources given to or secured by the Consortium. Priority will be given to collaborative projects either with industry or among the faculty members.
  5. The Member shall have equal opportunity to propose, lead and participate in future spintronics programmes, levering on the Consortium platform.
  6. The Member shall agree to provide a list of selected equipment of his own group to be included in the shared facility.
  7. The Member shall make good faith efforts to contribute to collective activities of the Consortium, including initiation of and participation in collaborative projects, engagement with industry and government agencies, and educational activities.
  8. The Member shall encourage his/her researchers and students to contribute to and benefit from Consortium activities.
  9. The Member shall make efforts to promote the SG-SPIN brand name in avenues like publications and meetings.
  10. The Member shall help shape and define the future direction of spintronics research in Singapore.
In order to protect and maximize the interest of the Consortium members, the Consortium shall
  1. use diligent efforts to provide the technical and administrative leadership and support required to accomplish the Consortium's goals;
  2. use the Consortium resources solely for Consortium related activities;
  3. help Consortium members negotiate and support industry collaborations;
  4. make efforts to promote synergies among the Consortium members;
  5. hold regular Management Committee meetings to discuss key issues related to core activities of the Consortium and ensure smooth and sustainable operation of the Consortium;
  6. establish and maintain good practice to facilitate communications and information exchange among the Consortium members; and
  7. identify resources for the next phase of development of spintronics in Singapore.