SG-SPIN Technical Seminars

SG-SPIN technical seminar series intends to provide a forum for researchers and students to share knowledge and discuss latest advances in spintronics research and development. The seminars are organized by faculty, researchers and PhD students:

  • 5-6 speakers per seminar or Visiting Professor per seminar
  • 30-minute to 1 hour for each presentation
  • Free format with ample time for Q & A
  • Networking session after the presentations


The 2nd  SG-SPIN/Tohoku Workshop on Spintronics will be held on 22 Feb 2019 at the T-Lab building, National University of Singapore.

Attendance to the workshop is free of charge but registration is required. Please click here for online registration. Deadline for registration is 10 Feb 2019.

In this workshop researchers from SG-SPIN and CSRN will present, discuss and share the latest progress in both scientific understanding and application of spintronics. More details can be found in the Program.


  • 4-5th Octorber, 8.30am - 5.45pm, SPMS LT4, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, NTU
  • 23rd April, 9am - 5pm, E4-04-05, Faculty of Engineering, NUS
  • 20th April, 4 - 5pm, E1-06-01, Faculty of Engineering, NUS
  • 20-21st February, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
  • 8 February, 11am - 12pm, E3-06-06, Faculty of Engineering, NUS
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  • 8 December, 10-11am, MSE Conference Room (N4.1-02-02), NTU
  • 27 November, 11am-12pm, E4-04-04, Faculty of Engineering, NUS
  • 22 November, 10-11am, MAS Executive Class Room 1, Level 3, SPMS, NTU
  • 21 November, 10-11am, MAS Executive Class Room 1, Level 3, SPMS, NTU
  • 20 October, 9am-4pm, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Fab 2 Auditorium
  • 6 October, 8.45am-6pm, SPMS-LT4, NTU
  • 18 September, 11am-12pm, E5-03-19, NUS; 3.30-5pm, MAS-03-07, NTU
  • 22 Jun, 3pm, MAS Executive Classroom, NTU
  • 21 Jun, 12pm Hilbert Space (PAP-02-02) SPMS, NTU
  • 08 Jun, 11.30am Hilbert Space (PAP-02-02) SPMS, NTU
  • 16 Mar, 10am, E1-06-09, Engineering Block E1, NUS
  • 17 Mar, 10am Hilbert Space (PAP-02-02) SPMS, NTU
  • 14 Mar, 2pm, E1-06-06, Engineering Block E1, NUS
  • 26 Jan, 3pm, E3-06-09, Engineering Block E3, NUS
  • 24 Jan, 4pm, Hilbert Space (PAP-02-02), SPMS, NTU
  • 5 Jan, 10am, E5-02-32, Engineering Block E5, NUS
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  • 1 Aug, 10am, E5-03-20, Engineering Block E5, NUS
  • 2 Aug, 4.30pm, GF Fab @ training 13B, GlobalFoundries
    • Spintronics Nano-Device for VLSI by Prof Hideo Ohno, Tohoku University
  • 15 Jul, 9am, Nanyang Executive Centre, NTU
  • 4 Jul, 10am, SPMS-PAP-02-02, Hilbert Space, NTU
  • 28 Mar, 4pm, GF Fab @ training 13B, GlobalFoundries
    • Spin as State Variable for Computation: Prospects and Perspectives by Prof Kaushik Roy, Purdue University
  • 17 Mar, 12pm, E1-06-05, Engineering Block E1, NUS
  • 25 Feb, 4pm, GF Fab 2 training 13B, GlobalFoundries
    • High Performance N-V Working Memory and N-V Logic with Spintronics technology by Dr Tetsuo Endoh, Tohoko University
  • 27 Jan, 9am, EA-02-14, NUS
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