Research Thrusts

SG-SPIN’s research builds upon capabilities that have been or being developed through NRF’s Competitive Research Programme (CRP). Each CRP team is responsible for its research directions, deliverables, and collaboration with internal and external organizations. Organized around these CRPs are several thrust areas that SG-SPIN will devote more efforts to promote synergies amongst different groups and strengthen collaborations with industry.


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The thrust areas are:

  1. Domain wall devices
    • Non-volatile magnetic domain wall logic gate devices
    • New architecture of non-volatile magnetic domain wall memory
  2. Electric field controlled magnetic memory
    • Magnetic tunnel junctions with ferroelectric barriers
    • Multiple state memory
  3. Spin-wave devices
    • Development of low damping materials
    • Fabrication, dynamics and application of complex magnonic crystals
  4. Pure spin current devices
    • Generation, manipulation and detection of spin current in graphene, 2D materials, and topological insulators
    • Spin current induced torques and device applications
  5. STT-RAM and spin-orbit torque
    • Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy CoFeB, Heusler alloy, and Mn compounds
    • Multilayers, hybrid films, strain effect
    • Spin-orbit torque and spin-Hall switching